Tổng hợp F240L 0 serial number base directly open the H signal super X!

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    The bottom layer is not recommended super white brush, do not recommend super spray brush, the underlying their backup and recovery will at least know, backup and recovery of baseband, character mouth De slightly better can try to brush, because a plurality of different brands of mobile phone baseband mixture may appear unpredictable problems, don't brush mind improper, operated by the person I am not responsible for all the losses of yo!!!
    the underlying baseband supports only Lg f240L version, any problems other type of error caused by the brush I am not responsible for yo!!! Download the address is on the 2 floor

    please use the brush into the method: Chinese recovery brush!!! English recovery brush may be wrong, or garbled,Brush before must backup your baseband bottom, in case a problem can restore!!!! The bottom of the baseband only in G major, the 008 big officer at the bottom of the MIUI test! Other systems have not tested!!!!

    connection which provide computer end backup tool, forget who put the God for, anyway, thank you for that

    113423xzcepcynnycit7hr.png 113223bbp5k6mg7v6ivk5b.png


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