F320K EDGE 3G and LTE bands how to unlock them?

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    Hi friends,

    I own an LG G2 F320K fantastic phone except it can't connect to EDGE when there is no 3G,
    it's lack from some 3g bands and B40 (800mhz) LTE band.

    I try to add bands with QPST and qualcomm service programmer but
    when i reboot the phone, values return to their default status.

    Did someone try to add 3G bands and EDGE network to an F320 ?

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    Do these steps:
    1. Root and install recovery for 4.4.2 version ( kitkat)
    2. Install ROM Lam Hoang stock v6.6 or Lam Hoang G3 v2.2.

    Then reboot, you can choose 2g - 3g - lte as you want.
    All Tuts and Rom are posted in this G2 forum.

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