[Guide] How to root/install CWM/unlock bootloader in JB

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    Hi lgviet forum users

    I'm from Korean Optimus LTE TAG forum (Korean F120 forum)

    I'm Korean, so I can't speak Vietnam language

    Please use English.


    [How to root your device]

    1. Download Framaroot 1.6.1.apk in here


    2. Install it

    3. Run framaroot, and Click 'Gandalf'

    4. Reboot your device

    5. Install/Update SuperSU from PlayStore, and update binary


    [How to install ClockWorkMod Recovery]

    ※ Before follow this guide, Your device has to root.

    1. Download busybox installer from Playstore


    2. Run busybox installer, and Click 'install'

    3. Download 2nd-init recovery.apk in here


    4. Install it

    5. Run 2nd-init recovery, and Click '2nd-init Recovery'

    ※ If you want to boot in CWM, Push volume botton when device vibrating in boot.
    ※ Don't Delete 2nd-init Recovery App

    [How to unlock bootloader and install GB CWM for F120K & F120S]

    ※ Before follow this guide, Your device has to install 2nd-init recovery
    ※ F120L can't unlock bootloader. Do not follow this guide if you use F120L (If F120L user follow this guide, your device will be hard brick)

    1. Download Zip file in here


    2. Boot CWM, and flash it.

    Now, you can install Custom Kernel in JB

    And, You can install Custom rom (CyanogenMod, Miui, Aokp, etc..) without Downgrade !
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    Thank you. Can you post custom kernel and custom rom? I can't download in Cafe.naver
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    Thanks @ars2580
    For root section, you can use Kingo Android ROOT.
    But Recovery is not working for F120k...
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