how many days left till christmas

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    how many days left till christmas

    Christmas is right around the corner and with it come trees and ribbons and ornaments and lights and … oh goodness, what are you supposed to do with it all? Don’t let stress over Christmas decorating make you lose the Christmas spirit. Here are ways to help decorate your home more beautiful


    The First: Incorporate lanterns into your design. You can use put candles inside or (as shown below) fill them with ornaments and lights for extra holiday spirit.

    The second: Embrace different color schemes. Holiday decorating isn’t restricted to just red and green. Try out different color schemes that are still festive but refreshingly unique.


    The Third: Recycled Christmas theme. This gorgeous handmade Christmas wreath is made out of magazine paper

    There are many ways to be creative and turn your house becomes more splendid. But the idea from the traditional to the idea of recycling the unused material. That great, isn’t it. how many days left till christmas

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