LG G pro 2 unlock bootloader and installing custom rom, có tin được không ?

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    Lang thang trên mạng gặp được bài này nhưng chỉ đọc thôi chưa dám chuột bạch, anh em vào cho ý kiến nha.

    Before you start rooting your device please make sure your Smartphone battery is charged above 80% and also make sure that you backup all your data before getting started because it’s going to wipe out everything you have in your phone. Check your PC and ensure that all the LG drivers are installed up to date.

    1. Download LG G pro 2 root.rar from any source you like and extract it in any folder you wish to.

    2. Click on Settings>Development>Security>enable USB debugging.

    3. Plug in your original USB cable in your device and insert into USB slot of your windows PC.

    4. Go to your already extracted folder and look up for Root.bat. You will definitely find it in there. Double click on this file and a screen will open up before you. Just agree few steps the screen prompts before you and you are done.

    To check if your phone is rooted successfully download SuperSU app and make sure your LG G Pro 2 rooted successfully.

    Installing custom rom:

    1. Download lte2jbrecovery.zip and extract it in any folder as done above.

    2. Once again connect your Smartphone into your windows PC and transfer the extracted lte2jbrecovery.apk into your Smartphone’s memory card.

    3. using any of the installed explorers find lte2jbrecovery.apk and install it.

    4. After installing this application open it and click on 2nd-int recovery and after that click Reboot Recovery.

    Now your Smartphone will reboot automatically and you will find yourself in ClockWorkMod recovery. Now you are the emperor of your Smartphone and you will be able to do anything you want. The custom ROM is successfully installed on your device.

    Unlocking bootloader:

    Frankly speaking, unlocking a bootloader is not a piece of cake. You will need to go through some programming codes and you will need to be cautious. Before we proceed further you must remember that doing this will void the warranty of your LG G pro 2 and you yourself will be responsible for any damage.

    1. Download Android SDK and install it. It is easily available on internet from any source, install all Google USB drivers.

    2. Enable USB debugging as shown in the steps while rooting your device.

    3. Plug in the USB cable into your Smartphone and connect it with your PC.

    4. Type adb devices > adb reboot bootloader > fastboot devices > fastboot oem unlock.

    You have to insert all the commands shown above in the same sequence. Let me make you understand the meaning of these commands.

    adb devices: This command will check and navigate whether your device is plugged in and revealed in SDK.

    adb reboot bootloader: This command reboots your Smartphone into bootloader.

    fastboot devices: This command double checks that your LG G pro 2 is connected.

    fastboot oem unlock: This is the final command which will make your device to unlock bootloader.

    After typing this command, on you Smartphone a confirmation screen will be shown. You just have to press Volume Up button for yes and Power off button to confirm.

    Now you have to just restart your device and your bootloader will be unlocked. Kindly use these tricks with extra care and don’t worry all these tricks are safe and already experimented. (236)

    Nguồn: http://phonelane.com/phone-tips/lg-...der-installing-custom-rom-open-customization/
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