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    I recently flashed Miui v5 of lg g pro on lg gk i flashed in this order :-

    1) F220K (Not Booting up)
    2) F240K
    3) E980
    4) F240L
    5) E988 (Not Booting up)

    In each flash i completely formatted the system and 2,3,4 are working great but wifi is not working.
    When the cell boots after the flash it shows available wifi networks but when i try to connect to them it shows saved and secured after skipping everything and then going to wifi settings it strangely never shows any available wifi networks i formatted and rebooted tried every possible thing i can think of but can get it worrking :cry:
    Does anyone have any idea whats the problem or anyone have working miui rom for GK.
    PLEASE Help need suggestions:cry::cry::cry:

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