[ROM][14 Dec][LP 5.0.2] IceX ROM [D80x, F320K/S/L, LS/VS980][UX 4.0, STOCK]

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    Welcome to​
    IceX ROM
    For D800/801/802/803/LS980/VS980/F302S/K/L

    Based in official LGD802AT-00-V30b-OPEN-COM-AUG-21-2015​

    This is ROM made with dsixda and his kitchen and based on the latest official from LG G2
    This ROM is pre-rooted, with busybox, bash and has been the /system/apps and /system/framework files have been deodexed.

    - Based official LGD802AT-00-V30b-OPEN-COM-AUG-21-2015
    - Install From Any Rom's
    - Aroma Installer
    - SuperSU
    - Very fast & stable!
    - Full UX 4.0 Interface (optional)
    - PLUG&POP (optional)
    - Data Tweaks
    - G4 Camera Port (optional)
    - Xperia keyboard (optional)
    - G4 transparent weather
    - Super volume booster
    - You can remove Google and LG Applications
    - Smart Cleaning, G4 Alarm and Clock, TextLink (optional)
    - Lots of lock screen effects
    - ViPER4Android Audio Effects (optional)
    - Excellent battery life!
    - Bug&Lag FREE
    - Many Many more...

    How to install:
    1.Download ROM
    2.Backup Current ROM
    3.Wipe System, Cash + Dalvik cash
    4.Install zip , let the rom install complete

    If you install a rom using a different base from your current rom then a full wipe is recommended, but if it is listed as optional then it's your choice! However if a full wipe is not mandatory, you are still going to want to reboot into recovery and clean cache and clear dalvik cache before installing the new rom build. In addition if a full wipe is recommended and you did not do one and you are experiencing problems that other users are not reporting then please do a full wipe before reporting any problems in the thread.

    IceX Rom
    Thanks and credits to:
    @dsixda for his kitchen
    @xdabbeb for Advanced Camera Driver
    @Cloudyfa(for great kernel)
    Aroma(for great script)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Rom của Nga hả bạn?
  3. kawajct

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    26 Tháng hai 2014
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    đã up..rom tạm được...nhưng chưa vừa ý lắm....có vẻ pin ko được ok lắm....
  4. tienk

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    11 Tháng sáu 2014
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    Rom này mình xài qua rùi, khá là tù, lỗi vặt thà dùng rom của Satthu hay Vô Kỵ còn hay hơn. Cloudy 3.3 vẫn là ok nhất
  5. thiensutinhyeu2111

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    3 Tháng mười 2014
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    Cloudy 3.3 e sợ đèn led huyền thoại lắm

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