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  1. wolfgart

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    27 Tháng mười một 2013
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    •last .10D for F340K Stock based
    • Odexed
    •Root, busybox and init.d support
    •Optimized with latest sdk.
    •New Transparent Backgroud icons
    •X-reality from Sony z1
    •New 4G Operator icon
    •Hd Text to speech voice. For now italian and english but other in download section
    •Audio hack
    •Build.prop heavy tweaked
    •Camera Mods
    •New themized ringtones
    •Stock LG Bootup and shutdown animationpersistent
    •ADB enabled
    •International Dialer
    •New Blue color for Signal icons
    •Ramdisk improvements
    •Battery life, performance and memory improvements
    •Battery 100% mods also in rechargeable mode
    •Ext4 hack
    •Sysro / sysrw binaries
    •Disabled logging & removed bloatware
    •Huge system app remove
    •Smoothest ROM
    •Best Battery Management
    •Fast fixes / updates


    How to install :

    • Must have F340K.
    • Make backup of your current rom.
    • Must have twrp or cwm recovery installed!
    • Copy ROM to sdcars
    • Reboot to Recovery
    • Factory reset (highly recommended)
    • Flash ROM
    • Reboot to System


    If you like my work and wants to keep the project alive please push thanks button. If you want you can consider to buy me also a beer donate me paypal to : manuel.ferrante@gmail.com
  2. hoangnova

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    20 Tháng năm 2013
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    This is first ROM for LG G FLex/ Thanks you very much.
    trieunamdinh thích bài này.
  3. keage

    keage New Member

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    31 Tháng mười 2013
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    just downloaded and up, testing :)

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