TUT Root and Recovery for LG Optimus Tag F120 JB 4.1.2

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    Hi there fellows,

    So I was having trouble installing recovery on my F120K updated to V30D because the second init recovery does not work in that version. So I just took those already cracked bootloader.img and recovery.img from "crackbootloader and install cwm.zip" and made a small utility you can run on your windows PC to install custom recovery on your phone.

    First of all use this Framaroot.apk to root your device. Use the Gandalf patch. After rooting restart your phone and open SuperSU at least once and if it asks update the su binary.

    After doing that enable USB Debugging from Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

    Now download cwm_ics_jb_F120.zip and extract it somewhere. Then open RunMe.bat and keep an eye on your phone. When it asks Allow the ADB super user permissions.

    After installing cracked bootloader and recovery your phone will automatically reboot into recovery.

    You can boot into recovery by pressing Volume UP + Volume Down + Power

    Note: All credits go to the original developer who made the cracked bootlader and recovery in "crackbootloader and install cwm.zip" I just made a utility to install them nothing more.

    Root: Framaroot.apk
    Recovery: cwm_ics_jb_F120.zip
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