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    Here’s the list of useful LG Software & Tools, Apps for you!
    Here you can find the LG official Tools such as LG Mobile Support Tool, LG OSP, and LG PC sync Software.
    You can also find the 3rd party android apps, tools & utility for you to flash a firmware update for your LG Phones.

    The Software & code to unlock your LG Phones are not included !

    LG OSP Software
    LG Android USB Device Drivers, MTP device Drivers
    LG PC Suite P5.1.18.20
    LG PC Sync Softare: LG PC Suite IV
    LG Mobile Support Tool
    Also known as “csmg b2c client tool”
    Some LG Flash tools will ask you to install “csmg b2c client tool”, download this B2CAppSetup.exe and install it onto your PC will solve the problems.
    Download: http://csmg.lgmobile.com: 9002/client/app/B2CAppSetup.exe
    LG Mobile Sync Software for Android 2.3
    KDZ LG Flashing Tool
    csmg lg mobile 9002 client app b2cappsetup.exe, KDZ LG flashing tool
    • csmg lg mobile 9002 client app B2CAppSetup
    • b2cappsetup exe

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